Q: We all know about Thanos, but if the Infinity Gauntlet has been hanging around in the Marvel Universe since 1991, he can't be the only one to wield it, right? Who else got their mitts on that mitt? — via email

It seems like everyone's been talking about the Infinity Gauntlet lately, and it's pretty easy to see why. I mean, it's definitely the third or fourth best glove in the history of Marvel Comics, and since nobody's gotten it together and made a movie about the Satan Claw, it's the one that's going to be getting most of the attention.

That said, the Gauntlet is pretty fascinating in its own right. It's the kind of reality-altering deus ex machina plot device that almost seems like it's too powerful to really work in a story. It does, though, and a big part of that is how it weaves through a roster of heroes and villains bold enough to take control of it. So let's talk about some of the most notable characters who have taken their turn as the bearers of the Infinity Gauntlet.


If you've been near a movie theater lately or read Marvel Comics at all, then the odds are pretty good that you already know the whole deal with Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. You've got the six magic space rocks that grant omnipotence, the finger-snap that kills half the universe, and, eventually, the heroes putting everything more or less right again. Uh, spoiler warning for a comic that came out in 1991, I guess. What you don't often hear about, though, is how the Infinity Gauntlet came to be in the first place. At the start of the six-issue Infinity Gauntlet series, it's already there. Thanos has it when that story starts, and it's just taken as a given so that we can move on to watching Quasar get turned into cubes or whatever.

That's one of the things that I really appreciated about the Avengers: Infinity War movie: it actually tells you where the Infinity Gauntlet comes from. That's not strictly necessary, and there have certainly been plenty of stories that provided detailed, in-depth explanations for things that absolutely do not need it — like the weird insistence that Superman's emblem has to be a Kryptonian symbol for hope rather than just, you know, an S that stands for Superman because that is literally his name — but in this case, I think it adds something. The Infinity Stones (or Gems, if you're a die-hard purist) are a big deal, and the item that unites them into a single all-powerful object should itself be a big deal as well.

In the comics, though, that's not the case. If you go back to the Gauntlet's actual first appearance in Silver Surfer #44, there's no real explanation for it. Instead, the focus is entirely on the Gems themselves, including a really awesome six-page sequence from Jim Starlin and Ron Lim where Thanos demonstrates each gem's abilities in turn that's absolutely worth reading if you haven't. That makes sense — the Gems were the big-deal McGuffins that had been buliding in importance for about four years at that point — and arranging them on a glove instead of a belt or an amulet does, too. It's simply a great visual: Thanos can clench his fist and bring it up to his face, displaying the Gems and their power while he's using them. It's the same reason that he kills half the universe while snapping his fingers: it's a familiar action, complete with an auditory component, that can be represented visually with two small panels and a written sound effect.

It does lead to one pretty hilarious quirk, though. If you look closely at that issue of Silver Surfer, you'll notice that the Infinity Gauntlet, the glove on Thanos's left hand, is exactly the same as the one on his right. In other words, my dude just straight hot glued a bunch of God-rocks to his glove, and everyone's been fighting over half a set he probably picked up on sale from Space Target ever since.

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如果你最近靠近電影院或者閱讀奇蹟漫畫,那麼你很可能已經知道與Thanos和Infinity Gauntlet 的整個交易。你已經擁有了六塊魔力太空的岩石,它們給予無所不能,一種能夠殺死宇宙一半的指尖,最終,英雄們將一切都或多或少地重新對準。呃,我想,1991年出現的漫畫警告會出現。但是,你不經常聽到的是Infinity Gauntlet如何成為第一名。在六期Infinity Gauntlet系列的開始,它已經在那裡。塔諾斯在故事開始的時候就有了它,它只是作為一個給定的東西,以便我們可以繼續觀看類星體變成立方體或任何東西。

這是我真正讚賞的複仇者聯盟之一:無限戰爭電影:它實際上告訴你無限鞭comes從何而來。這並不是絕對必要的,肯定有很多故事為絕對不需要的東西提供了詳細而深入的解釋,比如超人的標誌必須是希望的氪星符號而不僅僅是你的奇怪堅持知道,一個S代表超人,因為這是字面上他的名字 - 但在這種情況下,我認為它增加了一些東西。無限之石(或者寶石,如果你是一個頑固的純粹主義者)是一件大事,而把它們聯合成一個無所不能的物體的項目本身也是一件大事。

但在漫畫中,事實並非如此。如果你回到Gauntlet在Silver Surfer的實際首次露面#44,沒有真正的解釋。相反,焦點完全在於寶石本身,包括來自Jim Starlin和Ron Lim的非常棒的六頁序列,Thanos展示了每個寶石的能力,如果沒有,這些絕對值得一讀。這是有道理的 - 寶石是那些在那個時候四年來一直重要的重要的McGuffins--並且將它們安排在手套而不是皮帶或護身符上也是如此。這只是一個很棒的視覺效果:Thanos可以握緊拳頭並將其展現在臉上,在使用時展示寶石和他們的力量。他同時殺死了一半的宇宙,同時咬住了他的手指:這是一個熟悉的動作,並帶有一個聽覺組件,

儘管如此,它確實導致了一個非常熱鬧的怪癖。如果仔細觀察Silver Surfer的這個問題,你會注意到Thanos左手上的手套Infinity Gauntlet與右手上的手套完全一樣。換句話說,我的傢伙只是直接將一大堆神石粘到手套上,而且每個人都在為自己從太空目標上出售的半套戰鬥而奮鬥。

although it was almost someone very different.

Parker Robbins, alias the Hood, is sort of like Peter Parker in reverse: a completely amoral mobster who lucked into great power in the form of a handful of minor mystical artifacts and wound up deciding that with said great power came great opportunity. With that, he became one of the Marvel Universe's most powerful crime bosses, but eventually, a cloak that turned him invisible while he held his breath and a pair of levitating boots that were a size too small weren't enough to provide the kind of power he was looking for. The Infinity Gauntlet, on the other hand, absolutely was. Get it? Because it's a glove and literally goes on your other — ah, you get it.

He actually did better than most, getting hold of the Reality Gem and leading the Avengers on a chase through various What If universes, but ultimately, things went pretty bad for him when Tony Stark used the other five Gems to attract the sixth. While Iron Man briefly toyed with the idea of using the Gauntlet's power to change the world by doing things like eradicating addiction, he ultimately settled on two things: dropping the Hood back into his prison cell, and wishing the Gauntlet and the Gems themselves out of existence, putting an end to the problems they caused once and for all.

Except that he actually didn't. Instead, the whole thing was a ruse to make the rest of the Avengers think the Gems were gone while he actually distributed them to the Illuminati — a secret inner circle made up of Stark, Namor, Reed Richards, Doctor Strange, and Professor X. If you've been counting, you might notice that leaves one gem left, and that went to the Illuminati's newest recruit: Steve Rogers. That's a pretty well-intentioned bunch, but there's a road that's paved with good intentions, and in the Marvel Universe, it leads straight to another crossover where everything almost gets destroyed.

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地成為一些小神秘的文物形式的巨大力量,並最終決定,與所說的大國有很大的機會。因此,他成為了奇蹟宇宙最強大的犯罪頭目之一,但最終還是一件讓他隱身的斗篷,當他屏住呼吸時,一雙尺寸太小的懸浮靴子不足以提供那種他正在尋找的力量。另一方面,無限手套絕對是。得到它?因為它是一個手套,並且從字面上看就是另一個 - 嗯,你明白了。


除了他實際上沒有。相反,整個事情是一個詭計,讓復仇者的其他人認為寶石已經消失,而他實際上分配給光明會 - 一個由斯塔克,納莫爾,里德理查茲,奇怪醫生和X教授組成的秘密內圈。如果你一直在計數,你可能會注意到剩下的只有一顆寶石,而這就是光照派的最新招募對象:史蒂夫羅傑斯。這是一個相當善意的一群,但有一條道路鋪滿了良好的意圖,而在漫威宇宙中,它直接導致另一個交叉點,一切幾乎都被破壞。